Hi guys,

so we have been pretty slack with our blogs but here’s a catch up, we arrived in Berlin safely and were very happy with our hotel, pretty swish! Our first day here we hired bikes and did some world war 2 memorial sites like check point Charlie and the holocaust memorial as well as some shopping 🙂 we also found a restaurant in our hotel that served an amazing steak which was heaven after so much pizza and pasta! Next day we hired bikes again accept this time we went to the Berlin Wall and were on our way to the zoo when the rain really set in, it was 2 degrees and pelting down so we went home 🙁 we finally have had some time to relax which has been so nice! and have slept in every day. Today we went to a concentration camp in northern Germany it was very confronting and sad but also very interesting it snowed last night so we awoke to snow yay! At the concentration camp it was 0 degrees and freezing (literally) + it was snowing!, when we got home we realised we had a beer hall right next to our hotel !! We went there for dinner and a couple of 1 litre beers and a watched the snow fall, tomorrow we are catching up with friends who live in Berlin and going out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by having dinnern 203 metres in the air at the rotating tv tower restaurant! scary, on Sunday we are heading to Munich another 6 hour train trip (which is actually really quick) and then it’s off to the snow, pretty excited

tzlk soon bec and Sam

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Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

heres the latest blog entry, last time we checked in we were about to leave Paris for Amsterdam via Belgium, this all worked out fine we caught the train to Belgium had enough time to try the famous chocolate and for Sam to get half a kilo of toblerone and we were on our way again, we arrived in Amsterdam just after lunch, we were pleasantly surprised that we were in a good area close to everything but not so pleasantly surprised that we were on the 4th floor with no elevator and in bunk beds, Sam has figured out there is 63 stairs to climb to our room, definitely getting fit!!!

we are really enjoying Amsterdam, it is a beautiful place and our hostel is overlooking one of the many canals our first day here we went to Madame tussards wax museum which was freaky but really cool and lots of fun (check out Facebook photos) another thing abut Amsterdam is the people everyone is friendly and they all speak perfect English, it is definetly our kind of place! Today we did a bus tour and went to the Heineken factory which was AWESOME first you get a history of how they make the beer and all the interesting stages and then you get to go through interactives games and other things and finally onto the tasting, me and Sam are now professional beer pourers, they teach you how to pour beer from the tap, the lady knew we were Aussie as soon as we poured our beer because of how we like it (not much froth) we got a Heineken bottle each with our name on it which was pretty cool and after two hours it was time to leave and get some food, Sam is in heaven in Amsterdam there famous food is fries in a paper cone smothered in mayo, so today that was our lunch along with a hotdog after we went shopping (I shopped Sam sat on a man chair) and had a little rest before dinner, it’s almost 8:30pm now and we are still awake yay! It’s almost a record, tomorrow we are going to the famous ice bar which literally is a bar where everything is made from ice furniture, glasses, table etc. which will be pretty cool and we are also doing a canal cruise, on the 8th we are off to Berlin, Germany so only 1 more night left here 🙁

talk soon bec and Sam

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Paris has been amazing, there is so much to see and do here! Our first day was crazy we literally walked like the whole of Paris in a day, we went shopping went to Notre dame the big church in Paris, then we went to the louvre museum which is huge this is the ne where the entrance is a glass pyramid, Sam was very excited he got to see the Mona Lisa although it was hard to get a good look with so many people, we couldn’t believe it but at the louvre they actually charge you 1.50 euro to use the toilet!! So shouldn’t be allowed. Next we went to the lock bridge it’s one of the 27 bridges that run along the river accept this one is covered in locks, the tradition is that you write yours and your partner name on the lock, lock it onto the bridge and then throw away the key, me and Sam put one on (there is photos on Facebook) aftwe we had a long walk to the Eiffel Tower, it really is beautiful and really really big I felt scared just looking at it, we waited and went up at dusk so we watched it turned to night was a pretty amazing thing, on our way home we got off at the wrong stop and ended up in some sketchy neighbourhood but once again Sam saved the day haha 🙂

day two we finally slept in I think we were exhaustall from all the walking, we went to the train station to book our tickets to amsterdam only to find it was booked out, so now we have to go to Brussels in Belgium and hope we can get on a train from there, ooh well off part of the experience, for the rest of the day we went on a bus tour and did some good eating, more crepes! Then went on a fancy dinner cruise, it was really nice but maybe a bit fancy for our simple tastes haha now it’s the next day and we have just packed up to go to belguim, so hopefully talk to everyone from Amsterdam later today or tomorrow hope everything is good back home

Bec and sam

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Last day in Barcelona & trip to Paris!

Yesterday was New Year eve but also our last day in Barcelona 🙁 for our last day we went on a funicular which is pretty much a skyrail/enclosed ski lift that goes over Barcelona city and up to an old castle, Sam was loving it and I was scared out of my brains but the view was awesome ! Sam loved the castle because he got to pretend to use huge old guns and dream about actually being alive when they used them. after we went to what we decided was our favourite restaurant in Barcelona “la coma” for lunch where Sam learned the hard way that ordering a hamburger in Spain means getting a hamburger patty with no bun or filling, we had a good giggle. After lunch came the highlight of the day, seeing real gypsies you know the ones of my big fat gypsy wedding, we found out that the show does not over exaggerate what gypsy dress and talk like!!! New Year’s Eve night was a quiet one for us we had to be up at 5:30 am the next day so we just went out for Chinese and called it a night although we were asleep when countdown happened we were awake mostof the night as our hostel turned into party central, when we left at 7am to catch the train the party was still going!

Train to Paris

our train ride to Paris actually went really fast (for 7 hours) we were on the second level of the train and watched the French countryside fly past at over 300km an hour, one slight difficulty however was that all the information on the train was given in French so we had no idea what was going on and just assumed we were changing over at the right time, we also saw the first bunch of Aussies since the plane ride and where were they from GEELONG haha the guy did rowing for geelong grammar. When we arrived in Paris we were once again trying to find our bearing with no more than a map and a hotel address but Sam the man got us from one side of paris to our hotel using the metro system which once again was only written in french, arriving at our hotel we found that we were on the Main Street in our area right near heaps of shops and restaurants we also found out that our swanky hotel usually charges over 200 euro a night but because its off season we got it dirt cheap (30 euro a night), our room is pretty good big bed, big flat screen telly, ensuite and an awesome view down the Main Street. We had a shower and wandered down for dinner, the place we went had Nutella and caramel crepes so Sam is now laying in bed with a very full tummy, very much looking forward to exploring Paris tomorrow and hopefully will have photos for you all soon, hope everyone is good at home.If you want you can read more on my new blog

Au revoir

Love bec and sam

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Day 2&3 Barcelona

Ola! haha that about as good as mine and sams spanish gets still, we are feeling more confident now and know our way around (just in time to leave) ill start with yesterday, Saturday. We went to Guadis park, made by a famous artist, the park sits atop a mountain and has amazing views of the city and all of barcelona, it really was amazing

view from guadi park

To get to the park you have to go up a fair few hills but  its okay theres escalators in the middle of the street ! so random. After this we walked the main street and sat down for lunch and ended up walking the whole harbour. Everyone will be amazed at how much walking sam is doing with no complaints! i managed to fit some retail therapy in too (no complaints from sam again) and i really wish my bag was bigger. Saturday night we absolutly crashed once again asleep by 7pm we are still finding hard to adjust to the time difference


today we were up at 5am again unfortunatly, but we are making the most of our days, i dont think our neighbours in the hostel like us because we are up so early. Today we went on a 3 hour bike tour o f the city which we both really enjoyed although pretty tired and sore now, the tour takes you around the artist guadis famous buildings and other sites of barcelona. After we went out for a late lunch, i tried sangria, it came in a fish bowl! one was more than enough for me, as steph would say it went straight to my head. barcelona is such a pretty city and the weather is perfect people keep looking at us like we are crazy because we are walking around in tshirts whilst they all look like they are going to the snow! sam stated that he needed shorts its that nice (i wouldnt go that far) but its perfect weather. Tomorrow is our last day in barcelona and on the 1st we are heading up to paris, thats all from us for now, we are having trouble getting photos onto the blog but they are all on facebook so check them out !

hope everyone is doing well at home, we will check in again soon sam and bec


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Getting to Spain

Hey everyone, here goes our first post from Barcelona!

in the end it took us about 34 hours to get from Melbourne to Barcelona with 3 stops along the way, our first flight to shanghai was 10 hours and of course my tv didn’t work but I didn’t really mind, Sam found out that you could play games and spent most of the flight playing poker, which was good cause me didn’t annoy me 🙂 

When we arrived in bejing we were informed much to whole planes shock that we would be walking across the tarmack and catching a bus it was -11 outside and we weren’t exactly dressed appropriately !!! Was a little bit cchilly 

our next flight from Beijing to Frankfurt was another 10 hours but there was only 15 people in our section of the plane it was almost completely empty meaning me and Sam managed a whole row of seats each to ourselves and slept majority of the flight, when were arrived in Spain (finally) we were happy to find our bags had also made the 3 stopovers safely, we jumped in a cab and arrived safely at our hostel. It was nice when we got here to have staff that spoke perfect English and were really friendly (getting through the Chinese and German airports was tough!) we needed to change some money so jumped on the metro which was another daunting experience and headed into town the city here is beautiful, we did a little exploring but were buggered so went and got groceries for dinner and headed back, trying to explain lactose free milk to people who don’t speak English was a challenge but we got there. We made cravioli and cheese ravioli for dinner and were asleep by 6pm our time. It’s 5:30am not and we’ve just got up so we defiantly got a good nights rest can’t wait to explore more today! Sam has taken over as guide and map reader! Luckily cause he’s a lot better at it then me haha talk to you all soon, we will try and blog pretty regularly 

last but not least congratulations to Kate and Jason on the arrival of Darcy we hope everything travels wwell 

bec and Sam 🙂


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Toby & Kath’s Wedding

Hi everyone, as usual it has been a while between post’s!
You may remember from earlier post’s our good friends Toby and Kath from Ballina, well we were very lucky enough to score some invites to their wedding in Kath’s home town of Eugowra NSW.
We had to do a bit of a road trip to get there, flying into Sydney from Hamilton Island and then hiring a camper van and driving inland to Eugowra. As you would expect from us we run into a few dramas along the way SUPRISE!!! Our flight was delayed due to weather reasons our plane had in sydney earlier which meant we were going to arrive in Sydney after business hours and so would not be able to pick up our camper van!!!!! oh oh.
When we landed in Sydney we caught a cab to the depot anyway and when we got the everything was shut. We had a bit of a look around and found a side door open and there was a guy still there so he was able to sort us out!! phew!
Anyways we had a 4-5 hour drive inland to Eugowra so we set off down the highway. When we got into the hills of the Blue Mountains we started to see snow! which we found out had actually blocked the road all day meaning all the other wedding goers had to go the long way around! Here is some pics of me in the snow (remember we came from tropical Hamo just a few hours earlier)






We ended up getting to the Eugowra pub (our camp ground) at midnight. We went inside the pub to find a hand full of people in there partying on, we sat at the bar and waited for the barmaid to come out. in the meantime two top blokes (Piercy and Voodoo) started chatting to us and turned out were going to the wedding too!  Whilst we were chatting to them a voice from behind the bar “who the ‘F’ are you?” lol “we are here for toby and kaths wedding!” That guy was Fud (David – Kaths champion older bro) we spent the next few hours in the pub hanging out with these guys and also Candice before we finally made it to bed in our cosy Backpacker Camper.

The back of the Eugowra pub where we stayed

Christina getting ready in the van






The next morning we were woken by Voodoo and Piercy and soon after greated with more icy cold beers out behind the pub! We finally got around to getting into the wedding gear. I would show you a pic of Christina all dulled up but im not that brave, but believe me should looked absolutely beautiful!
We set of down the road (few hundred meters) to the church for the ceremony.

Voodoo warming up the crowd







Everyone in the wedding party looked great and Kath looked Amazing! Toby I guess looked ok too! Here are a few pics taken during the ceremony.








With a kiss the deal was sealed and we all headed out the front of the church for photos and some wicked finger food!! then we headed off to the pub whilst the bride and groom had some photos taken.
The wedding reception had been set up and “Rosebank” which is Kaths childhood home just out of Eugowra. The property is beautiful and the had a big white marquee set up on the green grass.


Toby and Kath

It was a great night with awesome food, awesome music even more awesome people and heaps and heaps of grog!! lol It was such a fun night and an even better weekend where we met lots of great new friends. Toby and Kath you are great together and we wish you all the best in the future!

Toby your not supposed to sit in the chair!!

Candice and the Bouquet









Piercy and Voodoo doing what they do best

Tobes busting out a Ballad









The next morning was greeted again with more beers and some bacon and eggs, also a lot of funny stories! This all took place around the pool and within no time people started getting pushed in! Here is just a few of those moments!






Once we all got geared up, a big clean up and pack up took place followed by and awesome BBQ lunch. Unfortunately Christina and I and to back off on the beers as we had another 4-5 hour drive back to Sydney airport.

Voodoo chilling

Kath,Voodoo,Toby,Piercy and Christina







The trip back to Sydney would have been a bit of a drag if we had not decided to make a stop over in  BATHURST!!!! Yup thats right Christina and I got to drive around the Bathurst Mt Panorama race track the week after bathurst 1000! It was awesome!! Here are some pics and Ill put up a video soon of our hot lap!

Mt Panorama

We eventually made it to the airport with me still raving about driving around Mt Panorama! Had a great flight home and were able to spot ballina and Byron Bay (our old home) from the plane, aswell as some of the many islands dotted around the QLD coastline.

Well I hope this wasn’t too long for everyone to sit down and read.
Thanks again Kath and Tobes for such and awesome weekend! Look forward to seeing you again soon!.

Keep tuned in for our next blog for an update on the Island life and what we have been up to.

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The Sun Shines

Well its my last day in Pattaya and I finally get to see the sun. And it is scorching hot, a steamy 33 degrees.  There is a bit of a breeze blowing accross my 11th floor balcony and its in the shade, so its quite pleasant sitting there drinking a tropical juice. 


I went for a walk along the beach road and there aren’t too many people sitting in the sun.  The beach is almost covered in umbrellas, and even at 9 in the morning, it’s pretty crowded. The main attraction seems to be the water sports, with parasailing being top of the list, closely followed by jetskiing.

There are thousands of people out on the bay on boats and barges awaiting their turn to go parasailing.  Seems to be the thing to do here.

I leave for the airport later this afternoon, so I better not waste any more sightseeing time on the internet posting blogs.  See you at home, ready for the next adventure; visiting James and Christina on Hamilton Island!

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Pattaya at Night

This is the view from our hotel down beach road.  We took a Baht bus down Beach Road and got off a few times to take a look around then found a restaurant that we liked the look of to have dinner.  Had a selection of Thai food, more than we could eat, including drinks for $6 each.

After dinner we walked down Beach Rd to “Walking Street”.  What an eye opener! Thats where all the girly bars and shows are.  We walked down the street for a while then caught a Baht bus to go back to the hotel.  The nightlife here is pretty wild, people everywhere.  There are hundreds of bars and night clubs along the main strip with music pumping everywhere.  Well thats it for tonight.  A bit of sight seeing tomorrow, then off to the airport in Bangkok for the flight home.

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Pattaya Thailand

Well I have just arrived in Pattaya for my Environmental Workshop. The hotel is just off the beach and I have an 11th floor balcony to look from. The room is nice but does have an interesting shower. It has a glass wall facing into the bedroom! The opposite side is the door facing into the bathroom. You can pull a blind down in front of it if you want to.

The View off the balcony is prettygood.  plenty of action on the water. Jetskis, paragliding etc.  Check out some other photos below.


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