Okay i know we were a little slack with the blog writing for the first week but new york has been keeping us busy so we are going to do one big recap of the week

Getting There

The flight over was okay but extremly long as both sam and i didnt slip a wink in the 22 hours of flying so it felt like forever. Qantas are amazing to fly with though so we keep busy with movies, eating etc. Once we arrived in new york we had to find transport which with two massive snowboard bags turned out to be quite difficult, so we ended having to get a private SUV which cost something ridiculous!! we finally arrived at the hostel and were amazed at the location, we were staying literally in times square. Times square is bright, overwhelming, tacky but AMAZING and there is so much to do!! We went out for a quiet dinner and had our first american burgers followed by an early night.

New York City

The island of manhatten is about 21km long and 4 km wide and we managed to go around the whole island in our 5 days here. We started by going round uptown and harlem which was ritzy but beautiful with a lot of old buildings and history. After we went to the ‘top of the rock’ at rockefeller center where you go to the observatory deck on the 68th floor and you have an amazing view of central park (photos on facebook).

Our next adventure was Downtown which included; SoHo, chinatown and brooklyn. First we visited the 9/11 memorial which was sad but as the new world trade center has finally just opened everyone was in good spirits. We then went across the brooklyn bridge which was cool but once you got out on the bridge it was FREEZING!! (the temperature has been between 2 and 6 degrees every day). Our next adventure was shopping, lots and lots of shopping (by both sam and i) sam got some snow boots, a smart watch (sony smart watch 2) which is actually pretty cool and some good headphones and i got some clothes, shoes and a new bag and wallet, the dollar is so bad though so we have lost out on a bit of money but cant do anything about it and shopping is still alot cheaper than at home. (side note we saw Jamie Fox in times square)

On wednesday night we went to rockefeller plaza and watched the lighting of the christmas tree, we had to wait for almost 2 hours in the cold (there was 500,000 people there) but it was worth it. Mariah Carey, Tony Bennet, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper all performed chirstmas carols (jenny you would of loved it). After the performance we walked home which became a mission as all the roads were shut due to the protesting that has been going on all week in response to the ferguson case (racial riots aimed at police because of the deaths of african-americans at the hand on police) it was very intense and i have never seen so many police in one place at one time!

Thursday was our favourite day by far, the weather cleared and we thought it would be a good day to explore central park, we hired bikes and went exploring. The park is 9.5 kilometers long and what we didnt know was the bike tracks are one way so we ended up doing a loop of the whole park!!!! i was definatly not mentally prepared to ride a marathon. We did get a great view and even found the fountain from friends! We went to the boathouse for lunch which was on my bucket list of places to go (sam was just happy to get a feed) and had an amazing lunch, it was so so so beautiful we even sat next to walter white from breaking bad (we have seen quite a few celebrities this trip) that night we went up the empire state building which was beautiful but absolutely freezing we were bugged after so got take away pizza (pizza in new york is amazing) and went home and watch movies. 

Today was our last day and it was pretty cruisy we went to M&M world which is 4 stories of m&m’s….. sam was in heaven!! we also went to hersheys world and did some last minute shopping for tacky souvenir’s (my favourite) we are flying to canada tomorrow and are getting picked up from our hotel at 3:30am so its a quiet one for us tonight, will post again soon from the land of Canada!! Bye

bec & sam xxx

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Sam and Bec
    M&M world sounds delicious! What an amazing experience. I hadn’t realised until now that you cycled through Central Park, it must have been beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more of your time in Canada too. l M/J xx

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