The end of Greece…..

So another day in Mykonos! We decided to take another drive around the island. We popped down to what is called super paradise. We had prewarning that the hill was very steep to get back up but we thought we would give it a go anyway!! As it turns out nancy couldn’t handle taking us both back up the start of the hill!! So I had to jump off and walk a little of the way until nancy was able to cope! Poor thing – she’s really starting to show her age! the next day we headed off to santorini! This was a 3hr trip on what they call a high speed 5! This wasn’t too bad a trip, but we were both happy to jump off the boat! 🙂 after dropping our bags off at the hotel, we went for a walk through the town. It was a lovely little town. The island itself is absolutely amazing!!! The whole population is built right on the edge, and the edge is a huge cliff… And the cliff face is amazing to look at! Turns out, the volcanoes in the area caused the center of the island to sink and so now the island is a big u shape cliff basically! The sunsets in santorini were amazing and you couldn’t help but be blown away by them each night, even the locals still love to stare into the reddened sky!

our first day in santorini was spent on a little tour. We weren’t very prepared for everything as we weren’t properly informed, so we ended up trekking up the caldera volcanoes in our thongs!!! :/ we went for a swim in their hot springs, but this unfortunately turned our bathers orange, and weren’t that hot as they were connected to the open sea! Following this we went to the end of santorini island to the town of oia (pronounced eeya). This was beautiful here and once again, had lots of funky shops! The next day we hired out another quad bike. As this was a 150cc 4 stroke beast, we called her Betsy! And so we drove about on Betsy to check out the beaches and the rest of santorini! The beaches were blackened sand and rocks because of all of the volcanoes over the years. So this was very different to see, and the black sand made it even hotter to lay down in the sun!! Continuing on we went to see their lighthouse, fair to say this was very unevental as it was an old little shack type thing, not a huge lighthouse like ours are! But at least we can say we have done all of santorini – from one end to the other!! After more beach and riding with Betsy, the next day we left for Athens from santorini. This meant we were up for a 9hour boat trip! :O too long on a boat with not much to do!! We arrived at our hotel last night at 12!! – so bed was very inviting!

now today we are flying back to Australia! so we will get to see u all soon – yay!!! 😀 will see and talk to u all in person back in Geelong! Feels so weird to say that after a month! 🙂 catch u all! Xx

below is a photo of Betsy and of our view from dinner.



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2 Responses to The end of Greece…..

  1. jenny says:

    wow thats amazing tour of the island sunsets sound amazing see you very soon l aj

  2. Trevor Shell says:

    Looking froward to seeing you 2 home and hearing more, sounds like the Greek quad bikes are pretty lame … hope the flights are Ok. LDad.

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