Yah from Mykonos!! (Hello from Mykonos – obviously that’s not how u properly spell it, but that’s how it sounds wen u say it!!)

So two days ago we arrived in Greece after finishing off Rome! We started off in anthens, and had an afternoon there, so we decided to visit the Parthenon. This was about a 15minute walk away from our hotel – very close! it was stinking hot compared to when we left Rome – was 31degs!!! So we stocked up on some water…. Which we have found to be super dooper cheap here in Greece. Was pretty cool to see, except they’re doing lots of restorations at the moment, so that was a touch annoying! But still, cool to see. The view from the top was amazing. Could see all over Athens. We could’ve seen even further if the day wasn’t as hazy! The next morning we were up at 5:45!!! :O much earlier than usual!! – in order to catch the boat to Mykonos! The boat trip over took 4 or 6 hours, can’t really remember!! We both took some travel calm which in the end was a very smart move! we arrived in Mykonos mid afternoon, and it was just as hot here!! Except was a bit cooler for we had a nice sea breeze! 🙂 that afternoon we donned our bathers and headed for the pool for some suntime and a swim! This was very relaxing after being up so early! Later on we went for a massage!! This was lovely – they do it a bit different to bak home, but was very relaxing!! we had a dinner at the restaurant by the pool, and this was delicious! Had an interesting time with the waiter as well. He was trying to tell us the digestive he gave us was from the same tree as the eucalyptus, but was not pronouncing it as eucalyptus!! So after him saying “you know, the koala crawl up the tree and it eat the leaves!?”, we finally caught on to what he was meaning!!

the next day (today), we had a lovely sleep in, well overdue! After a yummy brekky we decided to hit the town/village! it was really nice walking through all of their streets and seeing some of their shops – and stopping off in them! We did a little bit of a look around and headed bak for the pool! We relaxed and had some lunch here, then decided we wud hire a quad bike to go to the beaches (about a half hour ride away) and to see the island of Mykonos. We aptly named the bike nancy for it was slow, and was going “I think I can I think I can” up the hills! This was heaps of fun and was truly the best way to see more of the island! We stopped off at a lovely beach – the water was divine to swim in and it was very nice to have a lay in the sun. The only thing we have found here, is that practically every woman bathes topless!! And on top of that, there were nudists at our beach! So we had to pik a good spot On the sand to ensure we had our own bit!! After a couple of hours we went for a drive around and then out for tea. We also had some gelato – it was so delicious and I think we will go back for more hehe! Anywho, another day here in Mykonos, then the next afternoon we’re off to santorini, so will catch u all later!! Xx 

below is a photo of a builfing I liked on the ride, and of nancy!!  


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3 Responses to Greece!!

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Steph and Lachi
    Sounds like you’ve slowed up a little and having a bit of a sunny relax few days. V good. The quad bike sounds line an adventure. Scenery looks magnificent. Looking forwArd to seeing your snaps. Shopping going well by the sounds of it! Enjoy your final days. Keep blogging, it’s been great hearing your news. L aj

  2. Maree says:

    Mykonos looks good and you are obviously enjoying it. Loved the photos, all the blues match in the building shot. Even Nancy looked fantastic. L.Dad.

  3. Brendon says:

    Nancy looks like she’s been araound the block a few times!

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