Nice to Venice to Roma!

So the second day in nice we took a nice long walk up to their chateau. This was a bit of fun but was very hot and humid! Our plane flight left at 6pm, so we didn’t arrive in VenicI until late, about 7:30 I think… We then took the bus to the boats and the “bus boat” to the stop for our hotel. This was really cool!! After a couple of wrong turns we were able to find our hotel, dropped off our bags and headed for dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel. The food here was delicious. I had potatoe ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta – never have I eaten such nice ravioli before!! And wasn’t sickening at all!! The next day in Venice we started off with the Rialto bridge – the oldest bridge in Venice. This was a bit of fun to look at, and we later found out from our gondolier that on the bridge they used to trade spices, but now they are shops!  After the Rialto we ventured over to St Marco square. This was huge! We both took a photo among the pigeons!! we went into st Marc’s basilica… They were super dooper strict here – I got told off “no shorts, cover up!!!!”, and so I had to buy!!!! (very annoyed I had to buy a sheet!!!) to cover my legs. However, it was quite warm in there and so it ended up just being off!! Was funny too, lox got told he had to get rid of the bag – there were lots of stern directions being given, and sorta ruined the atmosphere a bit! We both loved the tiled roof, but didn’t spend too long in here! Following the square we walked to the waters edge – we were convinced this is where the shot for the Italian job was taken and so felt we were in the movie!! ;p after having a look around and looking in lots of glass shops, we took a trip in a gondola!! our gondolier didn’t sing (like we thought perhaps he would!) but instead he provided us with history about the area – I think this was better than the singing anyway!! We went on the grand canal which is equal to our highways, and then lots of the smaller canals. He said there are over 404 bridges, 150 channels, and that Venice is built on 118 islands. It was really interesting to see all of the buildings and learn some of the history! After a shower we went out for tea again!

Veince to Rome – we left Venice by train today!! It took 3hrs all up! Was a nice change from all of the flights – we played a lot of Euka and poor lox only won one game out of them all (and for the whole trip so far!) :p. we mistakingly thought that we only had thisfaternoon in Rome, and so rushed around to see the colosseum, this was amazing, lox was disappointed it wasn’t very in tact tho!, we walked past the roman ruins, saw Emanuel building, the pantheon, the roof off this was the coolest!!!, the trevii fountain where we both threw a penny in and made a wish!, the Spanish steps – where we had some yummy gelato!, then we trekked on to some other buildings on the map, not too sure what they were! We wanted to see the Vatican, so went and saw that but couldn’t get in, so now that we realize we have another day here, we shall do that!! Which is good news!! 😀

Ok well bye for now, will let u all know how tmoro goes!! Xx

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  1. Jenny says:

    Food sounds much yummier than previous Lebanese meal. The gondolier ride would have been fantastic. You’re having so many different experiences and getting into the culture. (Sheets included!!). Talk about planes trains and automobiles! Many different modes of transport for you!!
    Keep up the writing. Love hearing your news. Enjoy your final weekish 🙂
    L aj

  2. Trevor says:

    Great to read your travel progress, bet you’re enjoying experiencing the big wide world, getting an idea of how many people are actually around and where the history leads back to as far as civilisation goes. Hope your last couple of weeks are good, missing you both heaps. LDad.

  3. Brendon says:

    Where are the pictures?????

    • Steph Shell says:

      Haha sorry – I didn’t take any on my phone this time round!! Left it at the hotel! :/ will try grab some today for ya!!

  4. Brendon says:

    Sounds great. You’ll be able to swap adventure stories with Sam and Bec when you get back.

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