End of London and into nice’

Ok so will give you all an overview of our last 3 days in London and into nice! We visited Oxford street which is renound for its shops! So I was able to squeeze in a little shop around before we headed off to see the changing of the guard. At buckingham palace, the streets were absolutely packed with people waiting to see the changing of the guard. We were able to squeeze around and get a glimpse of the action. However, it left us both a bit deflated – we sorta found it boring haha!! So we left before it had ended and went to see Big Ben and Westminster abbey! This was cool, but I think we both had too higher expectations for the abbey. We went to the aquarium for a bit of a scenery change, that was fun til the rotten school kids came through!! We then went to see Madame Tussaud’s… Wow! This was very cool! My favorite was of course AH! 😉 Lox’s fave was Jessica alba!! Haha! Following on the next day we were off to the London eye. This was amazing! It only took about a half hour to go round, didn’t even feel we were moving! Met some other Aussies on ther from NSW! We then went to London tower hill. This was an old castle. It was massive and we enjoyed all of the history there so it was really great to do. It took us about 3hrs to get around it all!!! This is also where the Crown Jewels are kept, interestingly enough! So we got to see them! The visit past them was very quick though – we were on a conveyer bely so couldn’t stop. They were very sparkly and I like the big diamonds hehe!!! ;p after we went to triplets believe it or not. This was a bit of fun to do! The next night, to celebrate the finish of my exams we went to see The Phanotom of The Operah!!! Wowowowow!!! This was absolutely spectacular!! We both loved it, their voices were incredible!

Over to nice now! our plane flight over was really quick, but we had some horrible obnoxious people in front of us – was ready to tell them off at one stage!!!! Anyway, we landed in nice and took the bus off to our hotel. This is definitely the best hotel yet! 🙂 we had a little shop last night and accidentally went to a Lebanese place for tea – thinking it was a French place! :/ feeling too rude to leave without eating, we gave it a go. Fair to say, we’ve tried it once, don’t need to try it again!! Haha! Today started off a bit overcast, so we decided to go for a walk along the coast line. This was very nice. on the way back we took the back streets and was lovely to see some older buildings. The streets here are feral – dog poo is everywhere and it smells of toilet everywhere! Today we saw a lady helping her son take a widdle on the footpath!!!!!! Ewwwwyyy!! After our walk we headed to the beach for a swim an bake! Was very nice down there even though they had an ironman on. The rocks are very different and a tad uncofy to lay on instead of sand! But the water temperature is just right so it sorta makes up for it!

I’ve added some pictures, of me and lox before the operah, and of the beach here at nice! Catch u all later!! 🙂 xxx

P.S. Uncle B I might need u to rotate the photos again – it’s not letting me do it in the phone!! 😀



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2 Responses to End of London and into nice’

  1. Jenny says:

    Amazing travels! The sights you are seeing. Thanks heaps for updating us. Loved the AH photo you sent through. When I show peeps(!) they say how alike you look. I agree. Phantom of the opera sounds fabulous. Great way to celebrate end of exams. :-).
    L aj

  2. Brendon says:

    I fixed up the photos for you. Sounds like you are having a great time.
    Hey, did you think when you went swimming, all the smelly stuff from the streets wash into the water when it rains???? Yuk.You were swimming in it. No wonder the rocks are that colour!!!

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