So we arrived in London last night at about 7ish. Our plane was s delayed a half hour. I decided to join lox in taking travel calm tablets after nearly throwing up the whole plane flight on the way to Paris! These made me very drowsy so I slept the whole flight pretty much! after some food, lox was looking out the window, I thought he was trying to tickle me and I was half asleep and ended up palming him in the face… And gave home a blood nose!!! Oooopppssss!!!!! We finally arrived and used google maps to find where our hotel was. After misinterpreting the directions and traveling an hour out of town the wrong way, the information man at the station informed us we had to travel an hour back the way we just came!! by the time we got to our hotel, we had no tea in us, it was 9:30 at night so we gave up and went straight to bed!!

The next day we had organized to catch up with one of our friends – rosco, who is staying just out of London. After a coffee we all headed off to St. Paul’s cathedral. This was huge and very beautiful. Our highlight here was when rosco accidentally took the Portuguese leaflet instead of the English one and was wondering why he couldn’t read it!! After heading to the top and down to the crypt we stopped off for some lunch. Further on we went to the tower bridge. This was pretty cool, but didn’t really take too long to do. After walking Rosco bak to the train station and teaching him how how to use the underground(!) lox and I headed to wat was called the monument. A further 311 stairs later and we were at the top. This was a bit of fun, but you can’t really see that much; especially seeings tho it was very overcast and hazy today! We then did a practice run on how to get to the uni, and soon enough will grab some tea. Hope all is well back home! 🙂

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  1. Brendon says:

    Steph! Domestic violence is not OK!!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Steph and Lachi
    The flight over sounds horrifying for poor Lachi ! Lots of walking and step climbing for you both. Enjoy the sites, architecture and enjoy your very special times.
    L j

  3. Trevor says:

    Sounds great Steph and Lox – well done on catching up with Rosco. I forwarded your blog to the Fagan’s so they know you met up for the day. Love Dad.

  4. Maree says:

    Thanks for the up date. Great to hear from you.lmx

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