Uk so far!

Hey all!! Sorry about our delayed blogging!! Will give ya a quick overview of our trip so far!!


we flew into Glasgow at 7:30pm and went straight to meet 1/4 of lockys extended fam (there were so many!). We were blown away by how light it was – it got to 10pm and was still as bright as if it were the morning!! We travelled over to Ayr the next day (where the boyd clan resided and reigned for many years! – an interesting fact!). We went and visited the Falkirk wheel, which was very fascinating. was a big wheel that lifts boats  from the top canal to the lower one!! Then we went to see Stirling castle just out of Ayr. Was pretty cool and very large!! My favorite story was when the king of England arrived at the castle and killed The scottish Lord dunstan by cutting him from throat to navel coz he didnt lIke him! :@ crazy! We’ve also visited the wallace monument where we climbed the 246 steps up and back down (total of 492 very narrow stairs!!), to dumbarton castle which is more like a fortress on top of a huge volcano, the loch Ness!!!( didn’t find Nessie 🙁 !), and urqhart castle which is reduced to rubble pretty much! the history of everywhere is so fascinating!

The party for will was amazing!! A photo of me and lox is below! Lox made his kilt look good! ;p we both tried haggis and were surprised that it tasted nice!!


Ok so we left Scotland and arrived in London around 2! That’s when our adventures really started!! After almost missing our plane, being unable to find our apartment to being relocated, we rushed off to find the uni. the next day (today the 13th) I completed my first exam, and now we’re off to Paris!!

Will keep the blog more updated from here on hopefully so that the overview isn’t such a snapshot!!

missing everyone! Lox and Steph xx



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5 Responses to Uk so far!

  1. Jenny says:

    Lachi, I should have said, you rock the kilt!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Steph! & Lochi,
    the introduction to London sounds hectic!! Good to hear your exam went OK. It must be pretty amazing to see all that history, by comparison, Australia is so young! If your favourite story was about the Lord being cut from throat to naval, maybe you’d make a good surgeon! lol
    safe travels, thanks for the update, keep em coming.

  3. Brendon says:

    Great to get an update. Sounds like you’re having a great time.
    (PS. I rotated the photos for you so they were the right way up. Hope you don’t mind!)

  4. Maree says:

    Trip sounds amazing. Thanks for the up date. Keep the photos coming. Lmxx

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