Berlin and Munchen

Hi everyone, it’s the gypsie travellers here!

our last day in Berlin was a great one, we went to the Berlin zoo which was really fun, it has been snowing here all week! We caught up with friends from aireys who live in Berlin in the afternoon and went and had a beer was great to catch up with them and see some friendly faces, after we went out to the tv tower for dinner, the restaurant sits at 207 metres above the ground and rotates 360 degrees was very nice (we had a 3 course meal) the next morning it was of to Munchen (Munich) in Bavaria we arrived after 6 hours to find we were staying in a pretty average bed and breakfast (with no breakfast) with a reception that is only around a couple hours a day and did not help us at all, but it didn’t really matter we only needed a place to sleep for two nights so we weren’t worried, today we used our only day in Munchen to go to the neuschwatchin castles in fussen we were suppose to go on a tour but the guide never arrived so we hoped on a train and made it there ourselves, it was so beautiful the castle is huge and was covered in lots and lots of white snow, it was a real winter wonderland. Tomorrow we have about almost an 8 hour journey to get to Switzerland to start our ski and snowboarding leg of the journey, Sam is like a little kid on Christmas Eve it will be nice to get to Switzerland and stay in one place for a week as we literally feel like gypsies but it has all been amazing and worth all the travelling

Make sure you check out Facebook as we have put up lots of photos

talk soon love bec and Sam

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  1. Jenny says:

    Castle sounds fantastic. Have heaps f safe fun skiing!!!! L m

  2. Brendon says:

    Good luck with the trip and enjoy your snow boarding. Keep safe!

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