Hi guys,

so we have been pretty slack with our blogs but here’s a catch up, we arrived in Berlin safely and were very happy with our hotel, pretty swish! Our first day here we hired bikes and did some world war 2 memorial sites like check point Charlie and the holocaust memorial as well as some shopping 🙂 we also found a restaurant in our hotel that served an amazing steak which was heaven after so much pizza and pasta! Next day we hired bikes again accept this time we went to the Berlin Wall and were on our way to the zoo when the rain really set in, it was 2 degrees and pelting down so we went home 🙁 we finally have had some time to relax which has been so nice! and have slept in every day. Today we went to a concentration camp in northern Germany it was very confronting and sad but also very interesting it snowed last night so we awoke to snow yay! At the concentration camp it was 0 degrees and freezing (literally) + it was snowing!, when we got home we realised we had a beer hall right next to our hotel !! We went there for dinner and a couple of 1 litre beers and a watched the snow fall, tomorrow we are catching up with friends who live in Berlin and going out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by having dinnern 203 metres in the air at the rotating tv tower restaurant! scary, on Sunday we are heading to Munich another 6 hour train trip (which is actually really quick) and then it’s off to the snow, pretty excited

tzlk soon bec and Sam

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  1. Jenny says:

    Aloy of push bike riding! You’ll be getting fit! Lol. The concentration camp must have been mixed emotions. re you liking the train? Will catch up with photos next time dads on fb. Keep having fun!! L m/j

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