Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

heres the latest blog entry, last time we checked in we were about to leave Paris for Amsterdam via Belgium, this all worked out fine we caught the train to Belgium had enough time to try the famous chocolate and for Sam to get half a kilo of toblerone and we were on our way again, we arrived in Amsterdam just after lunch, we were pleasantly surprised that we were in a good area close to everything but not so pleasantly surprised that we were on the 4th floor with no elevator and in bunk beds, Sam has figured out there is 63 stairs to climb to our room, definitely getting fit!!!

we are really enjoying Amsterdam, it is a beautiful place and our hostel is overlooking one of the many canals our first day here we went to Madame tussards wax museum which was freaky but really cool and lots of fun (check out Facebook photos) another thing abut Amsterdam is the people everyone is friendly and they all speak perfect English, it is definetly our kind of place! Today we did a bus tour and went to the Heineken factory which was AWESOME first you get a history of how they make the beer and all the interesting stages and then you get to go through interactives games and other things and finally onto the tasting, me and Sam are now professional beer pourers, they teach you how to pour beer from the tap, the lady knew we were Aussie as soon as we poured our beer because of how we like it (not much froth) we got a Heineken bottle each with our name on it which was pretty cool and after two hours it was time to leave and get some food, Sam is in heaven in Amsterdam there famous food is fries in a paper cone smothered in mayo, so today that was our lunch along with a hotdog after we went shopping (I shopped Sam sat on a man chair) and had a little rest before dinner, it’s almost 8:30pm now and we are still awake yay! It’s almost a record, tomorrow we are going to the famous ice bar which literally is a bar where everything is made from ice furniture, glasses, table etc. which will be pretty cool and we are also doing a canal cruise, on the 8th we are off to Berlin, Germany so only 1 more night left here 🙁

talk soon bec and Sam

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3 Responses to Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam

  1. Jenny says:

    Love the photos on fb of you pulling the beers. I didn’t realize you got bottles with your names, will u drink them at some stage or bring them home with you? Love the photos with your friends at the wax works!!! Lol. Keep the updates coming. !! L j/m

  2. Brendon says:

    With all the walking and those stairs, you’ll come back as “Lean, mean fighting machines”!
    I think all shops should come with “Man chairs”

    Have fun. Brendon

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