Day 2&3 Barcelona

Ola! haha that about as good as mine and sams spanish gets still, we are feeling more confident now and know our way around (just in time to leave) ill start with yesterday, Saturday. We went to Guadis park, made by a famous artist, the park sits atop a mountain and has amazing views of the city and all of barcelona, it really was amazing

view from guadi park

To get to the park you have to go up a fair few hills but  its okay theres escalators in the middle of the street ! so random. After this we walked the main street and sat down for lunch and ended up walking the whole harbour. Everyone will be amazed at how much walking sam is doing with no complaints! i managed to fit some retail therapy in too (no complaints from sam again) and i really wish my bag was bigger. Saturday night we absolutly crashed once again asleep by 7pm we are still finding hard to adjust to the time difference


today we were up at 5am again unfortunatly, but we are making the most of our days, i dont think our neighbours in the hostel like us because we are up so early. Today we went on a 3 hour bike tour o f the city which we both really enjoyed although pretty tired and sore now, the tour takes you around the artist guadis famous buildings and other sites of barcelona. After we went out for a late lunch, i tried sangria, it came in a fish bowl! one was more than enough for me, as steph would say it went straight to my head. barcelona is such a pretty city and the weather is perfect people keep looking at us like we are crazy because we are walking around in tshirts whilst they all look like they are going to the snow! sam stated that he needed shorts its that nice (i wouldnt go that far) but its perfect weather. Tomorrow is our last day in barcelona and on the 1st we are heading up to paris, thats all from us for now, we are having trouble getting photos onto the blog but they are all on facebook so check them out !

hope everyone is doing well at home, we will check in again soon sam and bec


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6 Responses to Day 2&3 Barcelona

  1. james says:

    Ola!!!…. Ola!………… Ola! Ola!……….. feeling hot hot hot.
    glad to hear you guys are loving it! the pics on facey look wicked. especial that really old pointy building!!!
    Escalators in the street!!!.. epic! make the most of that.

  2. Maree says:

    Sounds awesome guys! great to hear about your trip. Robe is pretty lonely without you…. two amigos are a little lost… safe travels.

  3. Brendon says:

    Sounds great. You are packing a lot into your days. Hope you have a fantastic New Years eve.
    It looks like the trouble you are having with photos is the file size. Can you edit the photos and get them to under 1mb before you upload them? The blog will take photos up to 8mb, but it does slow things down. Good luck. Great to see the blogs.

  4. Jenny says:

    Meant to say the photo is beautiful.

  5. Jenny says:

    Hiya!! Sounds like you’ve managed to see a lot of Spain in a short time. The bike ride was a great idea. Hope you got to do some bargaining with your shopping!! Was your accommodation ok? How have you gone with the food, yummy? Safe travels to Paris. Have a wonderful time. L m/j

    • Sam and Bec Boyd - McGavin says:

      Yeah bec got some good bargains. Yeah accom is pretty good friendly and it’s out of town a little bit witch is kinda good, and yeah we have had some really good food I Evan like the spag bowl It was good..yeah it will be fun catching the train there main train station is like a air port bag scanners it’s huge.

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