Getting to Spain

Hey everyone, here goes our first post from Barcelona!

in the end it took us about 34 hours to get from Melbourne to Barcelona with 3 stops along the way, our first flight to shanghai was 10 hours and of course my tv didn’t work but I didn’t really mind, Sam found out that you could play games and spent most of the flight playing poker, which was good cause me didn’t annoy me 🙂 

When we arrived in bejing we were informed much to whole planes shock that we would be walking across the tarmack and catching a bus it was -11 outside and we weren’t exactly dressed appropriately !!! Was a little bit cchilly 

our next flight from Beijing to Frankfurt was another 10 hours but there was only 15 people in our section of the plane it was almost completely empty meaning me and Sam managed a whole row of seats each to ourselves and slept majority of the flight, when were arrived in Spain (finally) we were happy to find our bags had also made the 3 stopovers safely, we jumped in a cab and arrived safely at our hostel. It was nice when we got here to have staff that spoke perfect English and were really friendly (getting through the Chinese and German airports was tough!) we needed to change some money so jumped on the metro which was another daunting experience and headed into town the city here is beautiful, we did a little exploring but were buggered so went and got groceries for dinner and headed back, trying to explain lactose free milk to people who don’t speak English was a challenge but we got there. We made cravioli and cheese ravioli for dinner and were asleep by 6pm our time. It’s 5:30am not and we’ve just got up so we defiantly got a good nights rest can’t wait to explore more today! Sam has taken over as guide and map reader! Luckily cause he’s a lot better at it then me haha talk to you all soon, we will try and blog pretty regularly 

last but not least congratulations to Kate and Jason on the arrival of Darcy we hope everything travels wwell 

bec and Sam 🙂


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3 Responses to Getting to Spain

  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Sam and Bec
    Great first post! Was great you got sleep on the last leg-good work.ooming forward to hearing updates of your travels. Be safe and have a great time
    L m/j xoxo

  2. Brendon says:

    Hi, Hope your having a great time. Its been a bit busy here.
    It’s a bit of a worry when Sam is the lead navigator!!! Good work Sam.

  3. james says:

    sounds like you guys are loving it already!! such an awesome adventure. hope you guys have fun out exploring.
    Its unreal to read someone else’s blog lol
    Pictures?? do it!
    see ya Uncle Sam & Bec
    Go wild!! 😛

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