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The end of Greece…..

So another day in Mykonos! We decided to take another drive around the island. We popped down to what is called super paradise. We had prewarning that the hill was very steep to get back up but we thought we … Continue reading

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Yah from Mykonos!! (Hello from Mykonos – obviously that’s not how u properly spell it, but that’s how it sounds wen u say it!!) So two days ago we arrived in Greece after finishing off Rome! We started off in … Continue reading

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Nice to Venice to Roma!

So the second day in nice we took a nice long walk up to their chateau. This was a bit of fun but was very hot and humid! Our plane flight left at 6pm, so we didn’t arrive in VenicI … Continue reading

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End of London and into nice’

Ok so will give you all an overview of our last 3 days in London and into nice! We visited Oxford street which is renound for its shops! So I was able to squeeze in a little shop around before … Continue reading

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So we arrived in London last night at about 7ish. Our plane was s delayed a half hour. I decided to join lox in taking travel calm tablets after nearly throwing up the whole plane flight on the way to … Continue reading

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So we started off with the Eiffel tower yesterday! It was very very impressive! We skipped out on lining up in the HUGE que by joining a shorter and faster moving que that took us up the stairs! We climbed … Continue reading

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Uk so far!

Hey all!! Sorry about our delayed blogging!! Will give ya a quick overview of our trip so far!! Scotland: we flew into Glasgow at 7:30pm and went straight to meet 1/4 of lockys extended fam (there were so many!). We … Continue reading

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