Okay i know we were a little slack with the blog writing for the first week but new york has been keeping us busy so we are going to do one big recap of the week

Getting There

The flight over was okay but extremly long as both sam and i didnt slip a wink in the 22 hours of flying so it felt like forever. Qantas are amazing to fly with though so we keep busy with movies, eating etc. Once we arrived in new york we had to find transport which with two massive snowboard bags turned out to be quite difficult, so we ended having to get a private SUV which cost something ridiculous!! we finally arrived at the hostel and were amazed at the location, we were staying literally in times square. Times square is bright, overwhelming, tacky but AMAZING and there is so much to do!! We went out for a quiet dinner and had our first american burgers followed by an early night.

New York City

The island of manhatten is about 21km long and 4 km wide and we managed to go around the whole island in our 5 days here. We started by going round uptown and harlem which was ritzy but beautiful with a lot of old buildings and history. After we went to the ‘top of the rock’ at rockefeller center where you go to the observatory deck on the 68th floor and you have an amazing view of central park (photos on facebook).

Our next adventure was Downtown which included; SoHo, chinatown and brooklyn. First we visited the 9/11 memorial which was sad but as the new world trade center has finally just opened everyone was in good spirits. We then went across the brooklyn bridge which was cool but once you got out on the bridge it was FREEZING!! (the temperature has been between 2 and 6 degrees every day). Our next adventure was shopping, lots and lots of shopping (by both sam and i) sam got some snow boots, a smart watch (sony smart watch 2) which is actually pretty cool and some good headphones and i got some clothes, shoes and a new bag and wallet, the dollar is so bad though so we have lost out on a bit of money but cant do anything about it and shopping is still alot cheaper than at home. (side note we saw Jamie Fox in times square)

On wednesday night we went to rockefeller plaza and watched the lighting of the christmas tree, we had to wait for almost 2 hours in the cold (there was 500,000 people there) but it was worth it. Mariah Carey, Tony Bennet, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper all performed chirstmas carols (jenny you would of loved it). After the performance we walked home which became a mission as all the roads were shut due to the protesting that has been going on all week in response to the ferguson case (racial riots aimed at police because of the deaths of african-americans at the hand on police) it was very intense and i have never seen so many police in one place at one time!

Thursday was our favourite day by far, the weather cleared and we thought it would be a good day to explore central park, we hired bikes and went exploring. The park is 9.5 kilometers long and what we didnt know was the bike tracks are one way so we ended up doing a loop of the whole park!!!! i was definatly not mentally prepared to ride a marathon. We did get a great view and even found the fountain from friends! We went to the boathouse for lunch which was on my bucket list of places to go (sam was just happy to get a feed) and had an amazing lunch, it was so so so beautiful we even sat next to walter white from breaking bad (we have seen quite a few celebrities this trip) that night we went up the empire state building which was beautiful but absolutely freezing we were bugged after so got take away pizza (pizza in new york is amazing) and went home and watch movies. 

Today was our last day and it was pretty cruisy we went to M&M world which is 4 stories of m&m’s….. sam was in heaven!! we also went to hersheys world and did some last minute shopping for tacky souvenir’s (my favourite) we are flying to canada tomorrow and are getting picked up from our hotel at 3:30am so its a quiet one for us tonight, will post again soon from the land of Canada!! Bye

bec & sam xxx

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The end of Greece…..

So another day in Mykonos! We decided to take another drive around the island. We popped down to what is called super paradise. We had prewarning that the hill was very steep to get back up but we thought we would give it a go anyway!! As it turns out nancy couldn’t handle taking us both back up the start of the hill!! So I had to jump off and walk a little of the way until nancy was able to cope! Poor thing – she’s really starting to show her age! the next day we headed off to santorini! This was a 3hr trip on what they call a high speed 5! This wasn’t too bad a trip, but we were both happy to jump off the boat! 🙂 after dropping our bags off at the hotel, we went for a walk through the town. It was a lovely little town. The island itself is absolutely amazing!!! The whole population is built right on the edge, and the edge is a huge cliff… And the cliff face is amazing to look at! Turns out, the volcanoes in the area caused the center of the island to sink and so now the island is a big u shape cliff basically! The sunsets in santorini were amazing and you couldn’t help but be blown away by them each night, even the locals still love to stare into the reddened sky!

our first day in santorini was spent on a little tour. We weren’t very prepared for everything as we weren’t properly informed, so we ended up trekking up the caldera volcanoes in our thongs!!! :/ we went for a swim in their hot springs, but this unfortunately turned our bathers orange, and weren’t that hot as they were connected to the open sea! Following this we went to the end of santorini island to the town of oia (pronounced eeya). This was beautiful here and once again, had lots of funky shops! The next day we hired out another quad bike. As this was a 150cc 4 stroke beast, we called her Betsy! And so we drove about on Betsy to check out the beaches and the rest of santorini! The beaches were blackened sand and rocks because of all of the volcanoes over the years. So this was very different to see, and the black sand made it even hotter to lay down in the sun!! Continuing on we went to see their lighthouse, fair to say this was very unevental as it was an old little shack type thing, not a huge lighthouse like ours are! But at least we can say we have done all of santorini – from one end to the other!! After more beach and riding with Betsy, the next day we left for Athens from santorini. This meant we were up for a 9hour boat trip! :O too long on a boat with not much to do!! We arrived at our hotel last night at 12!! – so bed was very inviting!

now today we are flying back to Australia! so we will get to see u all soon – yay!!! 😀 will see and talk to u all in person back in Geelong! Feels so weird to say that after a month! 🙂 catch u all! Xx

below is a photo of Betsy and of our view from dinner.



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Yah from Mykonos!! (Hello from Mykonos – obviously that’s not how u properly spell it, but that’s how it sounds wen u say it!!)

So two days ago we arrived in Greece after finishing off Rome! We started off in anthens, and had an afternoon there, so we decided to visit the Parthenon. This was about a 15minute walk away from our hotel – very close! it was stinking hot compared to when we left Rome – was 31degs!!! So we stocked up on some water…. Which we have found to be super dooper cheap here in Greece. Was pretty cool to see, except they’re doing lots of restorations at the moment, so that was a touch annoying! But still, cool to see. The view from the top was amazing. Could see all over Athens. We could’ve seen even further if the day wasn’t as hazy! The next morning we were up at 5:45!!! :O much earlier than usual!! – in order to catch the boat to Mykonos! The boat trip over took 4 or 6 hours, can’t really remember!! We both took some travel calm which in the end was a very smart move! we arrived in Mykonos mid afternoon, and it was just as hot here!! Except was a bit cooler for we had a nice sea breeze! 🙂 that afternoon we donned our bathers and headed for the pool for some suntime and a swim! This was very relaxing after being up so early! Later on we went for a massage!! This was lovely – they do it a bit different to bak home, but was very relaxing!! we had a dinner at the restaurant by the pool, and this was delicious! Had an interesting time with the waiter as well. He was trying to tell us the digestive he gave us was from the same tree as the eucalyptus, but was not pronouncing it as eucalyptus!! So after him saying “you know, the koala crawl up the tree and it eat the leaves!?”, we finally caught on to what he was meaning!!

the next day (today), we had a lovely sleep in, well overdue! After a yummy brekky we decided to hit the town/village! it was really nice walking through all of their streets and seeing some of their shops – and stopping off in them! We did a little bit of a look around and headed bak for the pool! We relaxed and had some lunch here, then decided we wud hire a quad bike to go to the beaches (about a half hour ride away) and to see the island of Mykonos. We aptly named the bike nancy for it was slow, and was going “I think I can I think I can” up the hills! This was heaps of fun and was truly the best way to see more of the island! We stopped off at a lovely beach – the water was divine to swim in and it was very nice to have a lay in the sun. The only thing we have found here, is that practically every woman bathes topless!! And on top of that, there were nudists at our beach! So we had to pik a good spot On the sand to ensure we had our own bit!! After a couple of hours we went for a drive around and then out for tea. We also had some gelato – it was so delicious and I think we will go back for more hehe! Anywho, another day here in Mykonos, then the next afternoon we’re off to santorini, so will catch u all later!! Xx 

below is a photo of a builfing I liked on the ride, and of nancy!!  


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Nice to Venice to Roma!

So the second day in nice we took a nice long walk up to their chateau. This was a bit of fun but was very hot and humid! Our plane flight left at 6pm, so we didn’t arrive in VenicI until late, about 7:30 I think… We then took the bus to the boats and the “bus boat” to the stop for our hotel. This was really cool!! After a couple of wrong turns we were able to find our hotel, dropped off our bags and headed for dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel. The food here was delicious. I had potatoe ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta – never have I eaten such nice ravioli before!! And wasn’t sickening at all!! The next day in Venice we started off with the Rialto bridge – the oldest bridge in Venice. This was a bit of fun to look at, and we later found out from our gondolier that on the bridge they used to trade spices, but now they are shops!  After the Rialto we ventured over to St Marco square. This was huge! We both took a photo among the pigeons!! we went into st Marc’s basilica… They were super dooper strict here – I got told off “no shorts, cover up!!!!”, and so I had to buy!!!! (very annoyed I had to buy a sheet!!!) to cover my legs. However, it was quite warm in there and so it ended up just being off!! Was funny too, lox got told he had to get rid of the bag – there were lots of stern directions being given, and sorta ruined the atmosphere a bit! We both loved the tiled roof, but didn’t spend too long in here! Following the square we walked to the waters edge – we were convinced this is where the shot for the Italian job was taken and so felt we were in the movie!! ;p after having a look around and looking in lots of glass shops, we took a trip in a gondola!! our gondolier didn’t sing (like we thought perhaps he would!) but instead he provided us with history about the area – I think this was better than the singing anyway!! We went on the grand canal which is equal to our highways, and then lots of the smaller canals. He said there are over 404 bridges, 150 channels, and that Venice is built on 118 islands. It was really interesting to see all of the buildings and learn some of the history! After a shower we went out for tea again!

Veince to Rome – we left Venice by train today!! It took 3hrs all up! Was a nice change from all of the flights – we played a lot of Euka and poor lox only won one game out of them all (and for the whole trip so far!) :p. we mistakingly thought that we only had thisfaternoon in Rome, and so rushed around to see the colosseum, this was amazing, lox was disappointed it wasn’t very in tact tho!, we walked past the roman ruins, saw Emanuel building, the pantheon, the roof off this was the coolest!!!, the trevii fountain where we both threw a penny in and made a wish!, the Spanish steps – where we had some yummy gelato!, then we trekked on to some other buildings on the map, not too sure what they were! We wanted to see the Vatican, so went and saw that but couldn’t get in, so now that we realize we have another day here, we shall do that!! Which is good news!! 😀

Ok well bye for now, will let u all know how tmoro goes!! Xx

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End of London and into nice’

Ok so will give you all an overview of our last 3 days in London and into nice! We visited Oxford street which is renound for its shops! So I was able to squeeze in a little shop around before we headed off to see the changing of the guard. At buckingham palace, the streets were absolutely packed with people waiting to see the changing of the guard. We were able to squeeze around and get a glimpse of the action. However, it left us both a bit deflated – we sorta found it boring haha!! So we left before it had ended and went to see Big Ben and Westminster abbey! This was cool, but I think we both had too higher expectations for the abbey. We went to the aquarium for a bit of a scenery change, that was fun til the rotten school kids came through!! We then went to see Madame Tussaud’s… Wow! This was very cool! My favorite was of course AH! 😉 Lox’s fave was Jessica alba!! Haha! Following on the next day we were off to the London eye. This was amazing! It only took about a half hour to go round, didn’t even feel we were moving! Met some other Aussies on ther from NSW! We then went to London tower hill. This was an old castle. It was massive and we enjoyed all of the history there so it was really great to do. It took us about 3hrs to get around it all!!! This is also where the Crown Jewels are kept, interestingly enough! So we got to see them! The visit past them was very quick though – we were on a conveyer bely so couldn’t stop. They were very sparkly and I like the big diamonds hehe!!! ;p after we went to triplets believe it or not. This was a bit of fun to do! The next night, to celebrate the finish of my exams we went to see The Phanotom of The Operah!!! Wowowowow!!! This was absolutely spectacular!! We both loved it, their voices were incredible!

Over to nice now! our plane flight over was really quick, but we had some horrible obnoxious people in front of us – was ready to tell them off at one stage!!!! Anyway, we landed in nice and took the bus off to our hotel. This is definitely the best hotel yet! 🙂 we had a little shop last night and accidentally went to a Lebanese place for tea – thinking it was a French place! :/ feeling too rude to leave without eating, we gave it a go. Fair to say, we’ve tried it once, don’t need to try it again!! Haha! Today started off a bit overcast, so we decided to go for a walk along the coast line. This was very nice. on the way back we took the back streets and was lovely to see some older buildings. The streets here are feral – dog poo is everywhere and it smells of toilet everywhere! Today we saw a lady helping her son take a widdle on the footpath!!!!!! Ewwwwyyy!! After our walk we headed to the beach for a swim an bake! Was very nice down there even though they had an ironman on. The rocks are very different and a tad uncofy to lay on instead of sand! But the water temperature is just right so it sorta makes up for it!

I’ve added some pictures, of me and lox before the operah, and of the beach here at nice! Catch u all later!! 🙂 xxx

P.S. Uncle B I might need u to rotate the photos again – it’s not letting me do it in the phone!! 😀



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So we arrived in London last night at about 7ish. Our plane was s delayed a half hour. I decided to join lox in taking travel calm tablets after nearly throwing up the whole plane flight on the way to Paris! These made me very drowsy so I slept the whole flight pretty much! after some food, lox was looking out the window, I thought he was trying to tickle me and I was half asleep and ended up palming him in the face… And gave home a blood nose!!! Oooopppssss!!!!! We finally arrived and used google maps to find where our hotel was. After misinterpreting the directions and traveling an hour out of town the wrong way, the information man at the station informed us we had to travel an hour back the way we just came!! by the time we got to our hotel, we had no tea in us, it was 9:30 at night so we gave up and went straight to bed!!

The next day we had organized to catch up with one of our friends – rosco, who is staying just out of London. After a coffee we all headed off to St. Paul’s cathedral. This was huge and very beautiful. Our highlight here was when rosco accidentally took the Portuguese leaflet instead of the English one and was wondering why he couldn’t read it!! After heading to the top and down to the crypt we stopped off for some lunch. Further on we went to the tower bridge. This was pretty cool, but didn’t really take too long to do. After walking Rosco bak to the train station and teaching him how how to use the underground(!) lox and I headed to wat was called the monument. A further 311 stairs later and we were at the top. This was a bit of fun, but you can’t really see that much; especially seeings tho it was very overcast and hazy today! We then did a practice run on how to get to the uni, and soon enough will grab some tea. Hope all is well back home! 🙂

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So we started off with the Eiffel tower yesterday! It was very very impressive! We skipped out on lining up in the HUGE que by joining a shorter and faster moving que that took us up the stairs! We climbed the stairs all the way to the second floor. To get to the sommet we had to take the lift up! The view from the top was awesome!! You could see everywhere around Paris!! by the time we had come down, the original que we were in had quadrupled in length!!! So we were happy we got in when we did! We headed over to some building that we haven’t been able to find out the name of! And further on we walked to the arc de triumph! Was very amazing! Don’t think we have ever heard so many horns before – the traffic was in full flow and the people were crazy!! while on top of the arc we noted that the louvre was down the road. So we walked all the way to the lourve – a lot further than first thought! The louvre was huuugggee!! All of the art and sculptures were awesome!! We spent probably about 3-4hrs here and definitely didn’t see it all! We saw everything we had wanted to though, including old Mona!! We had dinner in front of the arc and a walk back to the tower we finally arrived back in our hotel at 10pm after leaving at 9!! So we were worn out!!

The next day (today) we headed off to see notre dame. Wowowowowowow!!! Absolutely beautiful!! We both loved the gargoyles and only wished we cudve seen them up close!! We then visited some other sites (don’t really know what they were!) and finally visited the pantheon. That was pretty cool! I didn’t think it was as amazing as some of the other stuff we’ve seen, but was still great to look at! Having a bit of a relax ready for tomorrow now! Catch ya! 🙂

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Uk so far!

Hey all!! Sorry about our delayed blogging!! Will give ya a quick overview of our trip so far!!


we flew into Glasgow at 7:30pm and went straight to meet 1/4 of lockys extended fam (there were so many!). We were blown away by how light it was – it got to 10pm and was still as bright as if it were the morning!! We travelled over to Ayr the next day (where the boyd clan resided and reigned for many years! – an interesting fact!). We went and visited the Falkirk wheel, which was very fascinating. was a big wheel that lifts boats  from the top canal to the lower one!! Then we went to see Stirling castle just out of Ayr. Was pretty cool and very large!! My favorite story was when the king of England arrived at the castle and killed The scottish Lord dunstan by cutting him from throat to navel coz he didnt lIke him! :@ crazy! We’ve also visited the wallace monument where we climbed the 246 steps up and back down (total of 492 very narrow stairs!!), to dumbarton castle which is more like a fortress on top of a huge volcano, the loch Ness!!!( didn’t find Nessie 🙁 !), and urqhart castle which is reduced to rubble pretty much! the history of everywhere is so fascinating!

The party for will was amazing!! A photo of me and lox is below! Lox made his kilt look good! ;p we both tried haggis and were surprised that it tasted nice!!


Ok so we left Scotland and arrived in London around 2! That’s when our adventures really started!! After almost missing our plane, being unable to find our apartment to being relocated, we rushed off to find the uni. the next day (today the 13th) I completed my first exam, and now we’re off to Paris!!

Will keep the blog more updated from here on hopefully so that the overview isn’t such a snapshot!!

missing everyone! Lox and Steph xx



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Where are Steph and Lachy?

Are we there yet?………..Are we there yet?……..Are we there yet?

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Berlin and Munchen

Hi everyone, it’s the gypsie travellers here!

our last day in Berlin was a great one, we went to the Berlin zoo which was really fun, it has been snowing here all week! We caught up with friends from aireys who live in Berlin in the afternoon and went and had a beer was great to catch up with them and see some friendly faces, after we went out to the tv tower for dinner, the restaurant sits at 207 metres above the ground and rotates 360 degrees was very nice (we had a 3 course meal) the next morning it was of to Munchen (Munich) in Bavaria we arrived after 6 hours to find we were staying in a pretty average bed and breakfast (with no breakfast) with a reception that is only around a couple hours a day and did not help us at all, but it didn’t really matter we only needed a place to sleep for two nights so we weren’t worried, today we used our only day in Munchen to go to the neuschwatchin castles in fussen we were suppose to go on a tour but the guide never arrived so we hoped on a train and made it there ourselves, it was so beautiful the castle is huge and was covered in lots and lots of white snow, it was a real winter wonderland. Tomorrow we have about almost an 8 hour journey to get to Switzerland to start our ski and snowboarding leg of the journey, Sam is like a little kid on Christmas Eve it will be nice to get to Switzerland and stay in one place for a week as we literally feel like gypsies but it has all been amazing and worth all the travelling

Make sure you check out Facebook as we have put up lots of photos

talk soon love bec and Sam

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