Motorbike Ride at Barwon Downs

Went for a ride at Barwon Downs on Sunday; Jason, Sam, Simon, Ben, Dave and I, and Barry from work.  It had been raining for almost the entire week leading up to Sunday, but the rain faded away as we readied ourselves for the ride.  As you could imagine, it was a wet and slippery ride.  Jason battled a very worn rear tyre and Ben with his updated KTM 450EXC.  Barry came along, his first real ride on a 2007 WR450F after a break of about 15 years from riding.  What a great day to get into it!

Sam is doing some pretty awesome mono’s these days.  I think he might almost be about to take the mono crown from Jason.  We all had a good ride with no major mishaps, until Sam decided to step off the back of his bike doing a stand-up mono at about 60km/h.  Thanks to great gear, all he ended up with was a grazed backside and a bruised and swollen forearm.  Pretty good considering…  All Jason could say was “How did that not end up worse?”  remembering that it was only a few hundred metres from where Jason broke his thumb in a similar stack.

Here’s the video, thanks to Jason’s “Contour Cam”.  (The camera memory card filled about a minute after the stack.  Lucky (Video on Youtube) ) Its a bit hard to see the actual stack as he is up front top of the screen and well in the distance, but check out the skid marks where he slid along on the left, and the bike to the right.


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2 Responses to Motorbike Ride at Barwon Downs

  1. Sam says:

    Ahaha I dunno just lucky

  2. james boyd says:

    Unreal!!!.. Sam why do you always fall off???? and never get hurt!!! lol Keep the videos coming! love it! Miss riding with you guys!

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