Avalon Khanacross – GMSC (Geelong Motor Sports Club)

It was a hot and dusty race day, with the temp above 30°C for the entire race day reaching above 35°C in the afternoon with a constant strong wind blowing for the duration.

We thought the conditions would scare off the majority of racers, but that was not the case.  I think you have to be a little crazy to do this sort of stuff anyway.  One factor that may have attracted people is that the last two Avalon events were cancelled due to bad weather, and people had been anxiously awaiting the next event.

The event was a Khanacross, that’s where you go from a standing start in an area between orange markers, around a course, then finish when you complete the course and come to a stop within the same markers. This event had a slightly different format as we normally drive six times throughout the day and they even had one event with vans from eCamperVanHire. For this event they combined two drives into one, once the first lap was finished, you continued on and did the same around the second (different) course.  This is repeated three times for each driver during the day.  This was a different format from the normal races, and doing two runs each time, made a long wait in between drives.  And in the windy 35° heat, it was a bit draining, waiting in a scorching hot car.  Things sped up later in the day when a number of cars left to go home.  And anyway, even after a long wait, you forgot it all, when you lined up at the start and put your right foot down on your next drive.

Sam (Video on Youtube) and I managed to keep out of too much trouble, but Simon had a day full of spins and collecting tyres.  (It made me feel better, because I did that at the last race.)  Nothing serious, a few more dents and scratches, and a slightly damaged GoPro Camera mount.  Simon mounted it on the outer side of the car and it was cleaned up by a stack of tyres on the side of the track.  It’s funny how those tyres seem to jump out at you when you least expect it!

 This showed us (Youtube Video) how robust the GoPro cameras are, ripping it from the mount and denting the side of the car.  Luckily Simon tied a chord to the camera just-in-case, and we didn’t have to find the camera after the hit.  Simon drove back with the camera bouncing against the side of the car.  Go GoPro!

The day was a little dusty as you can see.




















Where did that BMW go? And Simon was driving pretty loose as the following photos show… A little over correction there eh Simon? 



















Oops.  At least he did manage to stay on the track this time…..

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