Kyneton Autocross

Well again we were looking foreward to a race day at our home track at Avalon, but unfortunately due to the recent rain the track was in no fit state for a race.  Sam, Simon and I decided to trek off to Kyneton so that we could get a run in the BMW.  Dion tagged along to take a look, together with Pa and Grandma.

Here is a video of Sam: Sam at Kyneton 2

I don’t think any of us threatened the Kyneton Club champs, but we had a whole lot of fun.

Had a bit of a drama on the way home: the brakes on the car trailer stuck on and proved how much power the new Ford Ranger has.  The car was on cruise control, and by the time we realised it was having a hard time pulling the load, all 4 brake drums caught fire.  A quick stop, fire extinguisher and 20 litres of water and it was under contol.  A bit of roadside repairing and we were able to limp home.  All in a days “Work”!

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