Paris has been amazing, there is so much to see and do here! Our first day was crazy we literally walked like the whole of Paris in a day, we went shopping went to Notre dame the big church in Paris, then we went to the louvre museum which is huge this is the ne where the entrance is a glass pyramid, Sam was very excited he got to see the Mona Lisa although it was hard to get a good look with so many people, we couldn’t believe it but at the louvre they actually charge you 1.50 euro to use the toilet!! So shouldn’t be allowed. Next we went to the lock bridge it’s one of the 27 bridges that run along the river accept this one is covered in locks, the tradition is that you write yours and your partner name on the lock, lock it onto the bridge and then throw away the key, me and Sam put one on (there is photos on Facebook) aftwe we had a long walk to the Eiffel Tower, it really is beautiful and really really big I felt scared just looking at it, we waited and went up at dusk so we watched it turned to night was a pretty amazing thing, on our way home we got off at the wrong stop and ended up in some sketchy neighbourhood but once again Sam saved the day haha :)

day two we finally slept in I think we were exhaustall from all the walking, we went to the train station to book our tickets to amsterdam only to find it was booked out, so now we have to go to Brussels in Belgium and hope we can get on a train from there, ooh well off part of the experience, for the rest of the day we went on a bus tour and did some good eating, more crepes! Then went on a fancy dinner cruise, it was really nice but maybe a bit fancy for our simple tastes haha now it’s the next day and we have just packed up to go to belguim, so hopefully talk to everyone from Amsterdam later today or tomorrow hope everything is good back home

Bec and sam

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Sam and Bec. You’re packing heaps in ! I’ve had a look at the photos on fb. The Eiffel tower looks amazing. It also looks a bit cold. You seem to be doing very well getting g around. The food sounds like it has been yummy in Paris! Give us a viber text or call soonish? Would love a catch up. L m/j

  2. Brendon says:

    Hi, Your doing heaps in such a short time. No wonder your getting tired. Your photos are great.
    Sam, you had better give mum a call and talk to her. She is getting pretty desperate for a catch up.
    Have fun.

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