Last day in Barcelona & trip to Paris!

Yesterday was New Year eve but also our last day in Barcelona :( for our last day we went on a funicular which is pretty much a skyrail/enclosed ski lift that goes over Barcelona city and up to an old castle, Sam was loving it and I was scared out of my brains but the view was awesome ! Sam loved the castle because he got to pretend to use huge old guns and dream about actually being alive when they used them. after we went to what we decided was our favourite restaurant in Barcelona “la coma” for lunch where Sam learned the hard way that ordering a hamburger in Spain means getting a hamburger patty with no bun or filling, we had a good giggle. After lunch came the highlight of the day, seeing real gypsies you know the ones of my big fat gypsy wedding, we found out that the show does not over exaggerate what gypsy dress and talk like!!! New Year’s Eve night was a quiet one for us we had to be up at 5:30 am the next day so we just went out for Chinese and called it a night although we were asleep when countdown happened we were awake mostof the night as our hostel turned into party central, when we left at 7am to catch the train the party was still going!

Train to Paris

our train ride to Paris actually went really fast (for 7 hours) we were on the second level of the train and watched the French countryside fly past at over 300km an hour, one slight difficulty however was that all the information on the train was given in French so we had no idea what was going on and just assumed we were changing over at the right time, we also saw the first bunch of Aussies since the plane ride and where were they from GEELONG haha the guy did rowing for geelong grammar. When we arrived in Paris we were once again trying to find our bearing with no more than a map and a hotel address but Sam the man got us from one side of paris to our hotel using the metro system which once again was only written in french, arriving at our hotel we found that we were on the Main Street in our area right near heaps of shops and restaurants we also found out that our swanky hotel usually charges over 200 euro a night but because its off season we got it dirt cheap (30 euro a night), our room is pretty good big bed, big flat screen telly, ensuite and an awesome view down the Main Street. We had a shower and wandered down for dinner, the place we went had Nutella and caramel crepes so Sam is now laying in bed with a very full tummy, very much looking forward to exploring Paris tomorrow and hopefully will have photos for you all soon, hope everyone is good at home.If you want you can read more on my new blog

Au revoir

Love bec and sam

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6 Responses to Last day in Barcelona & trip to Paris!

  1. Sam and Bec Boyd - McGavin says:

    It’s alright guy I got my hamburger last night with buns this time hahaha

  2. Tom/Pa says:

    What a legend Sam. I get lost in local car park. Shame you can’t parley vous francais.
    We are pleased you are enjoying the trip. Luv Pa & Gma

  3. Brendon says:

    Bec, You realise that Sam won’t rest now until he gets his real hamburger.
    Sam, sounds like you wont be asking for directions from now on… your “the map man”!
    What are the chances meeting the only aussies, and theyre from Geelong. %#@!%$@!

  4. Jenny says:

    hi sam and bec
    love the hambuger story!!! sounds like the crepe made up for it though. accommodation sounds fantastic – great deal. well done on finding your way around, id be terrified lol,,,,
    stay safe and have heaps of fun l m/j

  5. james says:

    I can not believe you ran into people from geelong!!! did you tell em to go away lol.
    hope you got a photo of those crepes!!! they sound wicked.
    I am impressed that you guys are finding your way around, I would be soooooo lost already!

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