The Sun Shines

Well its my last day in Pattaya and I finally get to see the sun. And it is scorching hot, a steamy 33 degrees.  There is a bit of a breeze blowing accross my 11th floor balcony and its in the shade, so its quite pleasant sitting there drinking a tropical juice. 


I went for a walk along the beach road and there aren’t too many people sitting in the sun.  The beach is almost covered in umbrellas, and even at 9 in the morning, it’s pretty crowded. The main attraction seems to be the water sports, with parasailing being top of the list, closely followed by jetskiing.

There are thousands of people out on the bay on boats and barges awaiting their turn to go parasailing.  Seems to be the thing to do here.

I leave for the airport later this afternoon, so I better not waste any more sightseeing time on the internet posting blogs.  See you at home, ready for the next adventure; visiting James and Christina on Hamilton Island!

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