Pattaya Thailand

Well I have just arrived in Pattaya for my Environmental Workshop. The hotel is just off the beach and I have an 11th floor balcony to look from. The room is nice but does have an interesting shower. It has a glass wall facing into the bedroom! The opposite side is the door facing into the bathroom. You can pull a blind down in front of it if you want to.

The View off the balcony is prettygood.  plenty of action on the water. Jetskis, paragliding etc.  Check out some other photos below.


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3 Responses to Pattaya Thailand

  1. jason says:

    hi their looks good, looks very busy on the water, Room looks alright
    glenn wants to know if you have been down walking st?

  2. james says:

    That pool is AWESOME!!!!!…. lol
    looks like there is a lot going on there! beach looks beautiful.
    Hope you get to get out and enjoy it!!
    Love James & Christina

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi brendon. Room and view look fabulous! Don’t get too used to it! Hope you get to enjoy the beautiful beach today before you get stuck into work this. Oming week.

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