Sailing on Corio Bay

A wintery day for a sail on Corio Bay. After a week of rain we had a bit of a reprieve. Leaving the yacht club with a 20 to 25 knot wind, it was going to be a brisk sail. We decided to get the No 3 headsail out of the locker and sail with a full mail.
All was going well, until we set the spinnaker. Then, what a mess. We lost control of some lines, as we prepared to jibe and ended up with the yacht heeling over on its side with the mainsail dragging through the water and a spinnaker flapping around like a flag. Oops!
If that was not bad enough, a lapse of concentration while fixing everything up and the wind got behind the main in an unplanned jibe nearly knocking the heads off the crew with the boom as it smashes from one side of the yacht to the other.
We survived the day, and had a good sail. A little amused at the antics on board!

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