A Brush with The Law at Anglesea

All good. Went for a ride at Anglesea on the weekend.  Sam and I went with Bec on her first bush ride on her new bike(Yamaha, TTR230).  Jason, Dave, Mark and Starns were also out for a ride.

Sam, Bec and I were riding up the track from the carpark and a Police car came from the other direction, turned their lights on and pulled us over.  Unfortunately, I had been a “little helper” and got half way through re-attaching Bec’s rego label, leaving it in the garage at home.  The Cops took our details and were not worried about the missing label.  Jason, Dave and Starns rolled up a few minutes later, along with a couple of groups of other riders that we didn’t know that come from the other direction.


Impressed with the fact we(Our mob, incl. Jason, Dave and Starns) all had rego and licences they said we could go.  They told us that they were doing the rounds today checking Licences and Rego’s.  As for the other groups, the cops had a field day, as only a few had rego or licences.  Some even tried to bluff the cops, but to no avail.  They were dishing out fines at a great rate. 

We left the happy group hearing comments like “…but I have no points left!…”. 

Bec’s first ride on her new “registered” bike, a week old licence, and being pulled over by the cops. What are the chances?

All in all, the incident gave us a bit to laugh about.  It’s good when you are doing the right thing.  We all had a good ride with no major falls.  The only issue for the day was that Sam hit a large hump pretty hard and tweaked his back a bit.  Other than that; we all enjoyed the day, nice mild weather, good riding, nothing to fix and almost injury free! A great Sunday in the Bush.

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  1. jason says:

    i have the footage of sam hurting his back!!

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